Register a death in Sutton

How to Register a death in Sutton.

You must register a death in Sutton Registration District (which includes the St Helier Hospital) within 5 days at:

The Register Office, Russettings, 25 Worcester Road, Sutton, Surrey  SM2 6PR

Please book an appointment to register a death in Sutton online or ring the Sutton Registrar of Deaths on 0208 770 6790.  But before you do you might find the video about registering a death on the home page useful first.

Should you need a family undertaker, click this link.

What do I need to tell the registrar to register a death in Sutton?

  • when and where the person died
  • their full name and former names
  • their date and place of birth, occupation and usual address
  • If they were married, widowed, or in a civil partnership – their husband, wife or civil partner’s names,  occupation  and date of birth too.

What do I need to bring with me to register a death in Sutton?

  • The medical certificate of cause of death. If the Coroner is involved, his officers will advise you as the equivalent certificate will sent by the Coroner to the Registrar direct, and the death in Sutton cannot be registered until then.
  • Bring the deceased’s birth certificate, passport and medical card if possible.

Death certificates are £4 each at the time you register a death in Sutton.  We suggest getting several extra copies as many will be needed and they are more expensive later.   One certificate send to ten different banks, insurance companies etc etc will take an age – and may never be returned.

If you have any concerns about the process of registering a death in Sutton, don’t hesitate to ring the Registrar who will be pleased to help you.  You may also want to download the Probate Departments Ltds helpful guide on how to register a death in Sutton and how to deal with the subsequent probate issues as easily as possible.  Preparation can save a great deal of time and money with probate work – especially if you pay London prices (ours are much lower!)

Register a death in Sutton.