Register a death in Lambeth

Register a death in Lambeth: How & Where.

When do you register a death in Lambeth? You might find the video about registering a death on the home page useful before you read on.  Should you need a family undertaker, click this link.

As soon as possible after you have obtained the ‘Medical Certificate of Death’ from the Hospital or Doctor. If the Coroner’s office is involved the registration will only occur once the Coroner has issued his own certificate to allow the registrar to register the death in Lambeth   The Registrar can do nothing before the Coroners Certificate is issued, aprt from advise you.  Registering a death in Lambeth must take place within 5 days: contact the Registrar if this may be a problem.

I need to register a death in Lambeth.  What will the Lambeth Registrar ask me for?

1) The medical Certificate of death.

2) Birth certificate.

3) Marriage or civil partnership certificate.

4) NHS number/ NHS medical card.

Alternatively, if you can’t find those documents:

  • date and place of the deceased birth
  • spouse/ civil partner’s full name

When I have registered a death in Lambeth, what will the Registrar give me??

  • a certificate (form BD8) for social security.
  • a green form allowing the funeral director to arrange the burial or cremation, (unless the corner is involved when he issues a separate certificate allowing the funeral to proceed.)

Who can register a death a death in Lambeth?

  • A relative  present at death
  • A relative in attendance during the last illness of the deceased
  • A relative
  • A person present at death
  • The Occupier of the pace where the person died i.e. Manager of a Care Home or Hospital Administrator
  • The person arranging the funeral but NOT the undertaker.

Where can I register a death in Lambeth?

If it was a death Lambeth, you should register the death with the Lambeth Registrar of Deaths.

If you are not local, it is possible to register the death by “Declaration” at any Register Office in England and Wales, but that does slow things down as the actual registration of  a death in Lambeth must be carried out by the Lambeth Registrar of Deaths.

Copies of death certificates are only available from the Register office where the death is registered and not the Register Office where the death declaration was made.

Obtaining death certificates – formal evidence of a death in Lambeth.

They are certified copies of the entry in the Register of Deaths. Copies are much cheaper if purchased at the time of registering a death in Lambeth, and long delays can ensue if you don’t have enough to send to all the relevant institutions, many of who wion’t return them or will be very slow to.

Tell Us Once of a death in Lambeth

Tell Us Once saves you a great deal of time and aggravation – please do use this service when you see the Registrar in Lambeth. Use the Tell us Once service and the Registrar of death in Lambeth will pass  the details on to the Department of Work and Pensions who will then pass the details on to other government departments.  The Registrar will advise other local authority services.

The Lambeth Register Office provide additional help including informing:

  • Lambeth Pensions (if the deceased lived in Lambeth)
  • Blue Badge department (or Parking) to send surviving spouse an application for a Blue Badge.
  • Tenancy officers to send succession of Tenancy Forms.
  • EPC Referrals.
  • Outside Partnerships Area Joint Team Referrals.
  • List of Funeral Directors.
  • Providing contact information for Private/Occupational Pensions and Annuities.
  • DVLA contact details/Passport Return forms and details.

Do you need an appointment to register a death in Lambeth?

Yes. Ring 020 7926 9420 the Registrar is available Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm. Except on the first Wednesday of every month until 1 pm.

Register a death in Lambeth.