Registering a Death in London – Where, Who, How

Registering a death in London.

When someone dies in London, the event must be registered within five days.  But before you go any further, please watch the registering a death in London video and then download our handy factsheet on how to register a death in London.   Our Probate Guide is also free and will save you time and money.

Registrars of Births and Death in London
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There are different Registrars of Births and Deaths with offices in each of the London Boroughs, so just follow the relevant link below.  Don’t call us unless you want help with probate (we’re specialist solicitors, not Registrars) – but just now, registering the death and organising the funeral is more critical.

Register a death in LondonHere are the London Registrars of Births and Deaths you will need to contact when registering a death in London:

It is important that you contact the correct one, otherwise the funeral and other matters could be delayed.  If in doubt, phone the nearest one with the full address of the deceased and where they died.  They will advise you which is the most appropriate Registrar.

 Register a death in London.