Death in Richmond upon Thames

Register a Death in Richmond upon Thames.

A death in Richmond upon Thames must be registered within 5 days so the necessary forms and certificates can be issued to allow the funeral to go ahead, and  for the process of dealing with the deceased’s estate to start.  If you would like a guide to what to do after what to do when someone dies, click the link.  We also offer professional probate help if you need it.   You might find the video about registering a death on the home page useful before reading on.

Help with Probate
Help with Probate in Richmond

Should you need a family undertaker, click this link.

You need to make an appointment with the Richmond Upon Thames Registrar of Deaths.

Who can register the death in Richmond upon Thames?

a) A relative, eg husband / wife or civil partner, brother or sister.

b) A person present at the death.

c) The occupier of the place where the death occurred if they knew about it.

d) The person arranging the funeral (not the undertaker).

Death in Richmond upon Thames Deaths within the borough.

Must be registered at Richmond Register Office who will to issue the necessary certificates once the death is formally registered. Further copy certificates can be obtained at a later date, but they will cost more, so order enough certificates at the time of registration.

If the death took place outside the borough of Richmond upon Thames.

The death must be registered with the register office for that borough but you can ‘make a declaration’ at the Richmond Register Office. This is then sent to the appropriate register office, along with your fee for any certificates. Your certificates will be posted which could take up to 10 days, and therefore delay the funeral.

Registration of death in Richmond upon Thames: the appointment process.

You need to bring the following with you:

1) Medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD) issued by the doctor.

2) Medical card showing their NHS number, if available.

3) To use the ‘Tell Us Once’ service (see below), bring the deceased’s UK passport, National Insurance number, Driving License, Blue Badge plus information on any benefits they were receiving. Bring what you can if in doubt – more rather than less.

4) Fee for death certificates – currently £4 each.

The Richmond upon Thames Registrar will need to know:

1) The deceased’s full name and surname (and any other names used).

2) Maiden name for women.

3) The date and place of death.

4) The date and place of birth.

5) The deceased’s occupation and usual address.

6) If the deceased was married or in a civil partnership, then the name, occupation, and date of birth of the surviving spouse or civil partner.

7) If deceased was widowed or was a surviving civil partner, the name and occupation of their late spouse or civil partner.

The Richmond upon Thames Registrar will provide:

a) A “green form” which must be given to the undertaker so the funeral can go ahead.

b) Form BD8.will be given to be filled in and sent to the Department of Work and Pensions.

These forms are free

c) Copies of the death certificate at £4 each.  They will cost much more subsequently.

Informing other government departments – Tell Us Once

The ‘Tell Us Once’ helps to reduce the burden on bereaved relatives by informing all the relevant local and central government departments in one go. It is free takes about ten minutes after registration.  Highly recommended.

Death in Richmond upon Thames