Register a death in Kingston Upon Thames

Register a death in Kingston upon Thames

How to and where to Register a demise in Kingston upon Thames.  You might find the video about registering a death on the home page useful first.   Should you need a family undertaker, click this link.

When there is a death in Kingston upon Thames, as elsewhere, it must be registered within 5 days.
A Medical Certificate will usually be given to the next of kin by the doctor treating the person during their last illness. In a hospital, Patients Affairs Officer will organise the Medical Certificate of death.
If it was a death in Kingston upon Thames, you take this certificate to the Kingston Registrar of Births and Deaths. Alternatively, to the Registrar of deaths for the district where the person died.

What if the death in Kingston has been reported to the coroner?

Firstly, don’t panic! It is not at all unusual for the Coroner to be involved . The Coroner’s Officer will advise you when the paperwork has been passed to the Registrar, so you can register a death in Lewisham.

Who can register a death in Kingston upon Thames?

A relative or someone who attended the death, or someone living at the address where the person died or the person arranging the funeral (but not the undertaker.)

Where should you register a death in Kingston upon Thames?

If the death was in Kingston, you ideally register the death at the Kingston Register Office at 35 Coombe Road, Kingston upon Thames KT2 7BA

If after a death in Kingston it’s not reasonably possible for you to visit the Registrar in Kingston, you can visit any register office in England or Wales. They’ll send the information to the Kingston Registrar. This is called “registering a death by declaration.” Such a step will delay things by a few days, including the funeral.

Do you need an appointment to register a death in Kingston?

It’s probably best to arrange an appointment. If you would like to make one, call the registrar on 020 8547 4600 or visit the Kingston upon Thames Registrars online diary to register a death in Kingston.

Opening Hours to Register a death on Kingston upon Thames.

Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.

When should you register a death in Kingston upon Thames?

Within five days: however the registrar may allow a delay if there are problems – but ask the Kingston upon Thames Registrar for advice well before the 5 days is up.

What information will the registrar need to register a death in Kingston?

  • Date of death.
  • Where they died
  • Their full name (plus any other names they may have used or be known by).
  • Date and place of birth.
  • Occupation.
  • Former usual address.
  • For a married or civil registered person or widower, the registrar will also record the legal partners full name and occupation.

What documents will the registrar give you on registering a death in Kingston?

  • A Certificate for Burial or Cremation (the “green form”) which gives the funeral director permission to go ahead. If the Coroner is involved, the registrar may advise you that a cremation or burial certificate has already been sent by the Coroner to the undertaker, so you won’t need a green form.
  • A certificate (form BD8) for social security. Complete it and send to your Jobcentre, Jobcentre Plus or Social Security office.

Is there a charge for registering a death in Kingston upon Thames?

No. However, you’ll need death certificates (at £4 each) for banks, building societies, insurance companies etc. Buy plenty as they are more expensive afterwards.

Errors in a Death Registration.

A correction can only be made when the information on the certificate is wrong. Please be very careful to supply correct information in the first place.

For advice on how to register a death in Kingston upon Thames telephone the Kingston upon Thames Registrar on 020 8547 4600.

To download The Probate Department Ltds free guide as to what to do on what to do when someone dies (or anywhere in England and Wales) click the link.

Register a death in Kingston upon Thames.