Register a Death in Bexley the London Borough

Register a death in Bexley London Borough.

To register a death in Bexley, call the Registrar of deaths for an appointment on 08458 247 401.  You could also email  Any death needs to be registered in the area where the death occurred with the local registrar of deaths, within 5 days (unless the death has been referred to the coroner.
Deaths at Darent Valley Hospital can be registered either by The Kent Registration Service or Bexley Register Office.

You might find the video about registering a death on the home page useful first.

Register a death in Bexley: what do I need to do first?

On death, a doctor must issue a special certificate of setting out the cause of death. If you need to register a death in Bexley and the death was in Kent or Bexley, and you have the doctors certificate of death, call the Bexley Registrar on 03000 411 103  for an appointment to register the death. You can use their online booking system to make an appointment to register a death in Bexley.    To find a local family undertaker click here.

Who can register a death in Bexley?

  • A relative.
  • Someone who was there at the time of death.
  • A person who lives in the house where the death occurred.
  • The person arranging the funeral (but NOT the funeral director).
  • A senior person at the hospital or home where the person died.

What do I need to bring to register a death in Bexley?

  • The medical certificate (after a post mortem the coroner will send this directly to the Registrar).
  • If they available – birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificates, confirming the details needed for the death register.
  • Disabled parking ‘Blue Badge’ if any.
  • Payment for copies of the death certificate (£4 each at the time, £10 later). Order more than you think you will need!

What happens when I see the Registrar to register a death in Bexley?

The Registrar needs you to confirm the following:

  • Date and place of death.
  • The full name that the person who died and any other names they may have been known by, including maiden names and the full name and occupation of the spouse or civil partner if any
  • Date and place of birth.
  • Occupation and whether or not retired.
  • Their home address.
  • Your full name and address and relationship to the deceased.

The following confidential information is needed for government statistics:

  • Was the deceased single, married, widowed, divorced, a civil partner, surviving civil partner or former civil partner?
  • Is their spouse or civil partner still alive? If so, what is their date of birth?
  • How long did they stay in hospital or in another establishment (a hospice for example)?
  • Was the person under 75?
  • What industry did they work in and what position did they hold?
  • Did they get a pension paid from government funds? This includes the civil service, teachers, armed forces and war widows. This does not include the state pension or pension credits.
  • The person’s NHS number found on their medical card (if available).

When registration has been completed you must to sign the entry. The information must be as accurate as possible. If errors are discovered after the register has been signed may cause delay and inconvenience.

The Bexley Registrar of Deaths will then give you:

  • 1) A green form to give to the funeral director. If the coroner is involved and it is a cremation, a similar form will be sent direct by the coroner to the undertaker.

2) The BD8 form, to be completed and sent with any benefit or pension details to the DWP.

Do I have to pay a fee to Register a death in Bexley?

No. However, death certificates are £4 each on the day, £10 afterwards. You will need to show death certificates to banks, savings, insurance and investment companies and many others when you are sorting out the deceased’s finances, so make sure you order plenty.

The Registrar of Death in Bexley also offers the “Tell Us Once” service which will save a lot of time notifying Government Departments of a  death in Bexley.

I want to register a death in Bexley but I don’t live in Kent or Bexley.

Even if the death happened in Kent or Bexley you can give the details to any Registrar in England or Wales (” registering by declaration”). The Registrar you give the declaration to doesn’t actually register the death. They will post the information to the Kent Registration Service, where it will be then registered and any death certificates produced and posted to you. You’ll need to pay for these by cheque when you make the declaration. The local Registrar will send the order and cheque to us. Inevitably, this creates some delay and may hold up the funeral.

Once the death is registered in Bexley you will be sent or handed:

  • Any death certificates requested and paid for.
  • A green form to give to the undetaker. If the coroner is involved and it’s a cremation, the equivalent form will be sent direct to the undertaker by the coroner.
  • A white BD8 form, to be completed and sent with benefit or pension details to the Department of Work and Pensions.

This also applies if you live in Kent or Bexley but need to register a death which happened elsewhere in England or Wales but you are unable or do not wish to travel to where the death occurred.

If you are unsure where you need to register please call the Bexley Registrar 03000 411 103  for advice.   The Bexley Register Office’s address is:

Bexley Register Office,  Danson House Danson Park Danson Road Bexleyheath DA6 8HL.

For The Probate Department Ltd’s free booklet on what to do on what to do when someone dies or elsewhere, click the link.

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Register a death in Bexley.