Register a Death in Bedfordshire and downloadable Guide

Register a Death in Bedfordshire.

You must register a death in Bedfordshire within five days unless a coroner is investigating the circumstances of the death.  You might want to download our free guide to many of the issues which will arise before you register the death.  If you need help with probate, contact us.

There is also a free sheet on how to register a death, and a Free Guide To Probate – just ask for it.  If you are looking for a proper family run undertaker, go here.

You might find the informative video about registering a death on the home page first.

Help with Probate
Bedfordshire: help with Probate

All deaths must be registered with the Registrar of Births and Deaths in the area where the death occurred. If the death occurred in Central Bedfordshire or Bedford Borough, but you live elsewhere, you can register the death by making a declaration to any Registrar of Births and Deaths in England or Wales. They will send the details of the death and any certificate fee to the correct registration district, who will record the event and issue a certificate by post.

Register a Death in Bedfordshire – use the Tell Us Once Service.

To make an appointment to register a death in Bedfordshire, click the link if it is Central Bedfordshire or Bedford or for Luton here (they are outside sites – we’re Probate Solicitors not the Bedfordshire Registrar!)

Please DO NOT drop in without an appointment as you may not be entitled to register the death, and you may not have the information they will need – and it could be the wrong office anyway.  Check first.    A quick plug for us follows, more useful information below.

Register a death in Bedfordshire
What is Tell Us Once?

When you officially record a death in Bedfordshire, the registrar will offer an innovative service called Tell Us Once. The service aims to cut the number of local and central government departments that Bedfordshire residents have to tell when they have had a baby or bereavement.

The Tell Us Once service is delivered straight after a birth or death registration, so you don’t even need to leave the register office to tell key government departments such as the DVLA and Child Benefit of the change in circumstances.

The service is optional but most people who register a birth or death in Bedfordshire choose to use Tell Us Once. It saves them time at a stage in their lives when they are busy looking after a new baby or dealing with the emotional difficulties that come with bereavement.

Bedfordshire’s Tell Us Once service is provided by Central Bedfordshire Council, Bedford Borough Council and Luton Borough Council.

You may also find that Bedford Cruse Bereavement Care may he helpful.   When you register a death in Bedfordshire does tend to bring things out, perhaps unexpectedly for some.  It can be very hard to be expected to deal with lots of paperwork which constant;y reminds you of your loss.

Some of the towns in this area where you might need to register a death in Bedfordshire:

Ampthill, Arlesey,  Bedford,  Biggleswade,  Dunstable,  Flitwick, Houghton Regis,  Kempston, Leighton Buzzard, Linslade, Luton, Potton, Sandy, Shefford, Stotfold, Wixams, Woburn Sands,


Register a death in Bedfordshire.