How To Be Prepared

Coronavirus or COVID-19 isn’t the only reason everyone should be prepared for things to go wrong.  Not being prepared causes massive problems for you if you are alive, as well as for your family when you are either dead or out of commission. Anyone at any age can have an accident, but those of us over 60 are even more likely to succumb to something unfortunate!

So we are putting together a little disaster kit which you can review and work through so that not only are you prepared, but others will have a clue what to do if can’t do anything.

It wasn’t actually coronavirus which started this off, it was the wife who is rather younger than me who pestered me into creating a folder with the information she would need if anything happened to me. In my case, this includes running a business, so it is even more complicated than it is for some, but that is a nightmare for family who have no idea what you want, how you wish to be treated, if you want to be buried or cremated.  Never mind where the money comes from!

Lawyers make far more money out of people who are not prepared than they get for helping people to be prepared.  And our guides will help you get things at least tolerably organised.

If you are on your own, especially in rented accommodation, it can happen that all your sound plans are thrown out by a landlord (private, council or housing association) who is anxious to get the rent coming in again and send in a private firm to skip everything.   So maybe there needs to be a copy of your plans somewhere else too?

Our bundle of information will help with:

  • Legal Planning.
  • Avoiding the Court of Protection.
  • Keeping money in the family.
  • Planning your funeral – whether you prepay, or just want to avoid family fall out when relatives ALL know exactly what you would want, but all have different versions.  Punch up’s and family fallouts are far from uncommon!
  • Making it easy for others to deal with things when you can’t.
  • Keeping what is needed to Register a death handy.

There is some more information under the form once you have requested your pack.

There are also a series of email on this site which you may find helpful:


Individual videos on:

  1. Wills  and what happens if there is no valid Last Will and testament.
  2. Powers of Attorney
  3. Court of Protection – where you end up without the Right power of Attorney in place.
  4. Unmarried couples
  5. Trusts
  6. Death Benefits, Life Insurance and Pensions.
  7. Personal Injury Trusts
  8. Protecting vulnerable children and adults.
  9. Protecting you business (and employees!)
  10. Ongoing review, storage and more – the Peace of Mind Service.
  11. Inheritance Tax Planning
  12. Investment Properties IHT & CGT Planning
  13. Give the house to the kids?
  14. Asset Protection
  15. Probate
  16. Deeds of Variation.
  17. Wealth Planning