Gerry Rafferty Baker Street

Gerry Rafferty Baker Street – a simple omission.

Gerry Rafferty Bakers Street contributed substantially to Rafferty’s £1.7m estate… but he  nothing for fiancée who helped him fight drink as he failed to change his will

Music legend Gerry Rafferty did not leave a penny of his £1.7 million estate to his fiancée who helped him battle his alcohol problem.   So if she feels she is entitled to anything, she will almost certainly have an expensive Court battle to get anything at all.

Gerry Rafferty was famed for his massive 1978 hit Baker Street, failed to change his will after he got engaged to Italian designer Enzina Fuschini.

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It meant his estate was divided up in accordance to a will he drew up in March 2007 – 18 months before he met mother-of-three Ms Fuschini.

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 Gerry Rafferty Baker Street