For Professionals: Introducers

Professional Introducers.

Professional Introducers: if you are a solicitor,  or accountant who doesn’t offer a Probate Service, or a Financial Adviser who wishes to help clients (and keep them away from your competitors), why not give us a call? Equally, a person who seems to end up helping a lot of folk in difficult times –

Professional Introducers

  • Will writers
  • funeral plan advisers
  • undertakers etc.
  • care homes
  • charities
  • caring organisations.

We won’t make you wealthy, but at least there can be some return on the time spent.

We also welcome calls from Charities who want to maximise their income by keeping probate fees down to a sensible level, or who wish to white label our service.

We offer services throughout the UK and are always looking for associates who can help with probate business and introduce extra cases.

A modest fee share or commission is available to professional introducers as their efforts will cut our marketing costs and not add to what clients pay.  It is important that we are completely ethical so if you are just after the most commission, others will pay more! Clearly, if you are providing  extra hand holding to clients, you can charge for that work – we don’t expect you to work for nothing if you do help out!

Call Steve Pett on 03 300 102 300 and let us know how we can help you.

Extra income for financial advisers, will writers and charities.  All you need to do is introduce us and email or call us with the clients contact details and let us know how we can help them.  You can of course just give them our number, but we won’t necessarily know that the enquiry was actually introduced by you, though plenty of introducers are not interested in any fee share – the choice is yours, everyone has to earn a living.