First born child’s rights

First born child’s rights: what are they?

My father has died and his property has been divided up between my brothers and other siblings. I am the first born child in wedlock therefore what claims do I have on my father’s property?

Answer: First born child’s rights

If there was a Will, then that is likely to decide the distribution, unless anyone who has a right to some form of maintenance has been left out and a claim made.

If there was no Will, then all natural or adopted children would share equally. It is an interesting point that if any of your siblings had been adopted by another family, they would have lost all rights to your fathers’ estate. It is also possible for the Courts to effectively amend the Rules of Intestacy where one or more children are entitled to maintenance, but this must be through Court action.

The first born has exactly the same rights as the rest in the UK – at least as far as inheriting normal property is concerned. There has been a difference in inheritance rights in the past, but it no longer applies unless in response to instructions within the Last Will and Testament.

 First born child’s rights.