Finding a Funeral Plan Which Is Lost

Finding a Funeral Plan which is lost.

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Lost Funeral Insurance Policy

Finding a funeral plan after a death is not always simple.   Everyone knows there is one, but no one know where the paperwork is. In many cases, the lost funeral plan will actually be an insurance policy rather than a proper prepaid funeral.   Prepaid funeral plans were only introduced in the UK in 1985.   So there is a fair chance that it was an insurance policy with an older person. To this day, far more Over 50’s insurance policies are sold than proper prepaid funeral plans. (Back to what to do after a death.)

(If you are looking to BUY a funeral plan, visit which is owned by the directors of this business and offers independent advice on choosing the right funeral plan.)

Lost: How to go about Finding a Funeral Policy / Over 50s Plan.

The biggest seller of Over 50’s Plans is Axa Sun Life on  0800 008 6060 though there are dozens of others. The Unclaimed Assets Register is probably the next stop.

If you have the policy document, or can find the company through a direct debit on the deceased persons bank account, it should be fairly easy – though the direct debit may turn out to be for something else of course.   If the name doesn’t seem to fit with any insurance company you can find, then go to the Policy Detective website and type in the name of the company as it appears on your policy document. If the company has changed its name Policy Detective will tell you what name the company is now trading under. Then you can contact them. Literally hundreds of old insurance companies now have new names and owners with the massive consolidation driven by Regulation, so just because you can’t find the name online, don’t give up.

Sadly, you may find that the policy is no longer in force, particularly if it is one of the newer non-profit whole of life policies created in an attempt to reduce regulation.   The problem with them is that they have no cash value at any time, so everything is lost if payments are stopped, and that is very common when people are old and poorly.

Finding a funeral plan of the Prepaid type.

At the moment, we can find no central register of prepaid funeral plans.  Many providers are members of the funeral planning authority and are listed on their website, so you can get phone numbers from there.  Dignity (which also runs Age UK funeral plans) are one of the biggest providers, along with Coop, Golden Charter and recently Safe Hands. .

A more comprehensive list of providers appears on   You will need to Google the contact details, as the Prepaid Funeral Review are independent advisers for folk who wish to get advice on choosing the best prepaid funeral plan for your circumstances and wishes.

Finally, we are here to help if you need professional help with probate.  If you would like help, or just a free guide, please use the form below.   Any costs would normally be recovered from the estate.

Finding a Funeral Plan Which Is Lost.