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There is no longer a part time Probate Registry Eastbourne serving people in Eastbourne, Polegate, Seaford, Uckfield or Bexhill.  In most cases you will have to deal with the Probate Registry HERE, but you do not have to use a solicitor or a bank to do so – see our free guide below or call us on 01323 741200.

Please note that Brighton Probate Registry is a branch of the Court and does NOT deal with registering births deaths or marriages.  Click here for Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

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Probate Registry Eastbourne East Sussex

If the executor or executors don’t want to deal with all the work of Probate themselves in accordance with the Last Will, why not contact us our office is in Eastbourne and we trade locally as Eastbourne Law Solicitors? We will be happy to deal with the work probate on your behalf before you need to submit it to the Probate Registry.  And at fees which are substantially lower than local banks or solicitors.  Alternatively we can just help out a little bit if you want to do most of the work.  Or if you need us to do the lot, we’ll organise that too.  Obviously, you can deal with the whole process of Probate yourself and deal with the Brighton or Hastings Probate Registry.

Probate Registry Eastbourne

If you want to contact the local Probate Registry, you need to do so through the Brighton Probate Registry initially to make an appointment with either the Brighton or the Hastings Probate Registry.  Please don’t waste your time turning up without an appointment. They are a very helpful crowd, but you must have an appointment to obtain a Grant of Probate after you have submitted all the necessary papers.

Eastbourne Probate Registry is sadly no longer relevant, and for all practical purposes, the Brighton Probate Registry is the appropriate Probate Registry.

Alternatively, if you would like low cost professional help with Probate in East Sussex or West Sussex including Polegate and the Eastbourne area, please feel free to contact us. You will find our hourly rate is less than half of most. Why? Because we don’t have fancy high street offices and you actually get to speak to the folk who are handling your case, not a secretary who can’t tell you anything.

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