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CLOSED GO HERE Stoke on Trent Probate Registry CLOSED New Contact Details.

Please note that Probate Registries are branches of the Court and do NOT deal with registering births deaths or marriages.  Click here for Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Please note  Stoke on Trent Probate Registry; click link above for correct contact details.

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Stoke on Trent Probate CLOSED

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Stoke on Trent Probate Registry Office

Was part of the Probate Service

The Probate Service forms part of the Family Division of the High Court. It deals with ‘non-contentious’ probate business. This is where there is no dispute about the validity of a will or entitlement to take a grant.  It issues grants of representation, which are known as either:

  • Probate (when the deceased person left a valid will and an executor is acting.)
  • Letters of administration with will (when a person has left a valid will but no executor is acting.)

or            Letters of administration (usually when there is no valid will.)

These different types of grants of representation appoint people known as personal representatives to administer the deceased person’s estate.

The Probate Department Ltd is a private business which arranges probate help throughout England and Wales at relatively low cost.  We are NOT the Probate Registry! We are happy to have a free initial chat with people.

Stoke on Trent Probate Registry Office.

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