Father Died

My Father died in November.

How can I find out if a Will has been registered?


Sorry about your Dad.

  1. I am not sure if you can’t find the Will (see
    https://theprobatedepartment.co.uk/how-to-find-a-lost-will/.) We do very often get questions about lost Wills, and their loss can cause all sorts of problems.  Many are destroyed by people who don’t like them, many are so out of date as to be ridiculous.   So we designed a program to keep Wills (etc) under review and secure, and we set up a separate company (Will Custodian Ltd) to run the system.  It is very simple, costs most people the price of a coffee a month and help its’ Members to keep up to date with relevant changes in the Law, Tax and (of course) family circumstances.  Any or all of those can mean that a review of Legal Planning is needed.  If you would like to learn more about the Peace of Mind Service, click the link.2) Or think someone else might have been granted Probate on it (it would be very quick to have done so already in around a month) in which case try here: https://www.gov.uk/search-will-probate

    3) Alternatively, you might wish to prevent anyone else from attempting to prove a Will you might consider was false/ made under pressure etc etc, by way of a Caveat in which case see here: https://theprobatedepartment.co.uk/contest-a-will/.

4) If it turns out that there is no valid Last Will, then the Rules of Intestacy will apply, but the situation might change dramatically if there is the possibility of a claim under the Inheritance Act and its’ latest update which significantly widens the class of people who can claim that they were not properly provided for under the Will or lack of Will.

Happy to have a brief chat if it helps, and I hope I have answered the question!