Keeping your Will Safe and Legal Planning Up To Date

Keeping your Will safe and Legal Planning up to date – Peace Of Mind

As an integral part of your own Estate Planning process, we recommend Will Custodian Ltd’s Peace of Mind Service which offers a simple and inexpensive way of keeping your Last Will and other legal documents safe, and helps you to keep your Legal planning up to date as life, tax and laws change.

For most people, those changes pass unnoticed and sometimes result in the total loss of inheritance to family members, or the total loss of control of the family over a member’s life can be devastating. And with ongoing advice, totally avoidable.

That is why the Peace of Mind Service was set up by Will Custodian Ltd (they provide the mechanics and storage, others provide the advice.)

We get calls every day from people who have lost out because their parents or other half failed to get advice when it was needed. With the Peace of Mind Service that advice is readily available and in most cases there is no extra charge. Where amendments or detailed advice are necessary, there is a substantial discount on the cost.

Members also receive:

  • Free copies of documents that have been created and have in secure storage.
  • Free checks that documents appear to have been signed correctly.
  • Free laminated storage certificates so the relevant folk know where things are and how to get them when they are needed.
  • Annual Newsletter and Checklist as a simple way of keeping up to date and reviewing things – if in doubt then:
  • Free Helpline – contact them for advice.
  • Free initial Inheritance Tax Review.
  • More complex estate planning matters such as Trusts and Business Succession Planning can be a part of the Peace of Mind Service with costs depending on the level of service you require.

It is a simple service that keeps costs down but means that your Legal Planning is likely to stay on track and achieve what you want from it, which is usually to make sure that your family benefits from your lifetimes hard work, and that you are fully protected as far as the law reasonably allows from having your life taken over by Social Services.

Why not check out the Peace of Mind Service or give us a ring on 01323 741206.

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