Disputes should be kept away from court

Disputes should be kept away from court and resolved using better, quicker and more efficient ways, Justice Minister Lord Faulks declared today.
Stephen Pett of The Probate Department Ltd commented “Nowhere can this be truer than in the area of inheritance disputes where we regularly see the involvement of several different firms of solicitors, each extra firm adding an additional layer of complexity to the situation – and consequently cost.  Only the solicitors win!
There is no substitute for sound regularly reviewed Legal Planning to try to avoid such disputes.”
Speaking at the Civil Mediation Council annual conference in Leeds, LordFaulks called on the mediation community to help people to resolve their disputes effectively, efficiently and fairly.Justice Minister LordFaulks said:

Going to court should be a last resort, we need to cut down on the amount of unnecessary, expensive and confrontational litigation in our society.As a barrister I knew that the best thing for clients was to stay away from court and I believe it just as strongly as a minister.Government is leading by example by resolving issues away from court using alternatives which are usually quicker, cheaper and provide better outcomes. We are continuing to encourage others to do the same.The success of mediation and other methods in keeping unnecessary litigation out of the courts is a key cornerstone of an efficient and cost effective justice system.

Mediation is one of several forms of resolving disputes away from the expense and confrontation that going to court can cause. Mediation involves the two parties taking part in negotiations led by a qualified independent mediator to reach a solution they are prepared to keep.