Probate Advisory Service

Probate Advisory Service

Probate Advisory Service – lots of help or a little

Many of our clients only need out probate advisory service, rather than our full service.

With the probate advisory service, clients can pick and choose what they wish to do, and what our probate advisory service is to do for them.  Clients can also change their minds if they find that a particular task is more than they can cope with!

For example, do you want to pay a professional (even at our Probate Advisory Services modest fees) to do the following.

  • Register the death and obtain multiple death certificates.
  • Notify friends, family, banks, investment house etc.
  • Arrange funeral notice.
  • Search for unrecorded savings.
  • Arrange mail redirection.
  • Arrange, pay for and attend the funeral.
  • Write off asking for up to date balances on all accounts.
  • Keep creditors at bay during the probate process.  Too many family executors are forced to pay debts themselves when they don’t need to.
  • Ensure any property is secured and that the insurance remains in force.
  • Secure valuable items.
  • Arrange for the thoughtful clearance and sale of property.
  • Sort out Inheritance Tax and any other taxes.
  • Advertise in the local paper and London Gazette and anywhere else relevant to ensure there are no unpaid debts which the executor could become personally liable for.

Our probate advisory service can take care of as many or as few of these and the dozens of other issues which may arise from the time of death onwards.  Some of these things are very simple, some can be complex.  Around 7 in 10 people chose to pass the whole job onto a bank or solicitor – or us.  Apart form the fact that our Probate Advisory Service costs a great deal less per hour, why would you wish to pay £200 to £500 an hour for the many simple jobs involved?

Our probate advisory service fits in with what you want, and you can speak to the individuals actually handling your case easily.  No being fobbed off by secretaries.  Our probate advisory service secretaries can usually help anyway!

To contact our Probate Advisory Service, go HERE.

(Free Guide to what to do on death by The Probate Department Ltd which is NOT the Probate Registry nor part of HMCTS.)

Probate Advisory service