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Probate QuestionsWe have tried to post up as much general information as possible, so you might want to search the site before you contact us, as many of the answers are available here without charge. Links to many of the commonly answered questions are at the bottom of the page. We don’t want to charge you unless you really do need legal advice!

We do offer a fully flexible service, everything from answering simple questions to doing all or part of the work and (if required) distributing the estate and getting the beneficiaries Legal Planning up to date or setting up a Deed of Variation to amend or protect the family or cut tax in some cases. This really is a time when everyone’s Legal Planning should be reviewed.

We also have a number of free booklets answering questions – see the enquiry form lower down on the right.

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Ask Probate Questions Service

We can only provide very basic guidance on probate questions based on the information that you give us. If our recommended firms were handling the estate, they would have far more detailed information than we can get in a brief email or conversation.

We do not deal with more complex questions – they are left for our associates.

With estates liable to Inheritance Tax they are often able to make real savings, but that sort of advice would be too detailed for our straightforward Probate Questions Service: we can sometimes save far more Inheritance Tax than their fees for carrying out all of the work involved in obtaining a grant and distributing the assets.