Accountants Declare Probate Is a Doddle

A very worrying development in the liberalisation of Legal Services is that one of the major professional bodies of Accountants seem to think that Probate is so simple that they don’t even need to understand the Laws of Probate. Never mind how a Will is constructed in detail.

“To become individually authorised, accountants will have to undertake a three and a half day course under the plans, with the ICAEW saying that their existing training, combined with the “relatively straightforward” nature of non-contentious probate work, means it does not need to require “detailed study of the laws governing wills, probate and estate administration”.”

We’re not entirely sure how their 24.5 hours of training will equip them to even realise they are dealing with a contentious case.  But maybe the individual accountants will be more responsible than – apparently – their professional body is.

Check out the story for yourself if you find it is incredible as we do.  HERE.