Where to Register a Death in the UK

Where to Register a Death.

Where to register a death links appear below the text. You might find the informative video about how to register a death on the home page first.  You may also find our Free Guide To Probate useful later – just download it.  Should you need a family undertaker, click this link.

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We can’t register a death for you, but here are details of the places where to register a death, with some information on how to do so and the downloadable Guide “What the Registrar Needs” to the right.  If the coroner is involved, you may gain some reassurance by reading this page.    If you were looking for Probate Registries, go HERE.

If the death was abroad, then this where to register a death abroad may help.   Apologies if your one isn’t listed – it is a long job, but hopefully you will find other really useful information on the site.

The Registrar is more correctly known as the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages, but not all sub offices will necessarily perform all functions – ring them and ask.  Please don’t confuse the Registrar of Births, Death and Marriages with the Probate Registries, which are Courts dealing with the estate of the deceased after death.   The Probate Registry has no connection with registering deaths.

You should also check out the Tell Us Once service, it’s really useful.

Where to report and register a death in the family in:

If you can’t find where to register a death in your area, click the link below, put in your town or postcode in the form which appears, then click ONCE on the map and details of the nearest office will appear to the left.

Where To Register A Death