Probate Firm Testimonials

Probate Department Testimonials.

Positively no bribery or other inducements were offered for any of these testimonials!

Document Review Client Testimonial.

You have been the most useful firm I have spoken to. I have spoken to various solicitors and I send them the papers and they just ask for £10,000 on account and tell me very little.

Youness Migou

London Probate Client Testimonial.

(We acted for the executors, as we usually do)

“Firstly, I was impressed because every time I ring I can speak to someone who will take action or answer questions within 10 seconds. My solicitor is great, but never returns calls!

In terms of costs, the hourly rate is less than one-third of what we would be paying for Probate in London, with no hidden fees or commissions.  Some firms charge their full hourly rate (£200 to £300) plus a fee for each letter plus a commission of up to 1.5% of the value of the estate!!!

We had a major issue with the bank freezing the business accounts (which effectively closed us down) but they found out how to deal with it and set the wheels in motion immediately, so we’ll be trading normally within 24 hours all being well.

A pleasure to work with.”

Lynden Blades

London Probate Client.


10 January 2014

The “Peace of Mind” service offered by the Probate Department has proved to be especially helpful when dealing with complicated trust issues, the fact of being able to discuss matters by telephone with Ingrid has enabled early resolutions to be accomplished and in some instances without further charge.

Paul Osborne


Jane said:  I have found your website both informative and easy to navigate. Thank you. Could I have a copy of What the Registrar Needs To Register a Death.


Michael had a whole series of interrelated deaths and issues over advice from a firm who should have known better (to one of the deceased.) Probate-tesimonial-cormacey


Probate Department Testimonial

Peter Field: “I expected it to take several months, as my wife’s estate was complex, but I was surprised how easy the helpful staff at The Probate Department made it for me.  Thanks for the smooth and caring way the Grant was obtained.  I have decided to use you to write a new Will for me and put my property in trust, many thanks.”


The next testimonial is for our DIY Probate Service:

Probate Testimonials
Probate Testimonial Gilson Chapple

‘ I was delighted with the simplicity that this service affords and at a very reasonable price and the very very helpful online staff ‘ Mr G Chapple   Dear Steve I just want to say that you made a difficult day much better with your willingness to be so helpful. A touch of human kindness goes such a long way, I cannot thank you enough. Kind Regards Linda Sent from my iPad From Dr F R Thom (for a Deed of Variation): “One of the best services I have ever experienced,  I appreciated being able to talk matters over with the expert on the phone.  And the final fee was less than that quoted – thank you.”

Message: F.a.o Steve

Hi, Steve, we have just finished speaking on the phone.  I just wanted to leave you with some feedback along the lines of ” I cannot recommend The Probate Dept enough.  Their fees are  lower and they are more helpful than any other probate professionals I have come across.  They have saved me a lot of money already.  A friendly and excellent service”

Francis M  Weir, Manchester

“My personal and professional experience tells me that services like yours are worth supporting.  If you ever do feedback publicity you are welcome to use it formally. Thanks again for your friendly advice and excellent service, Francis”

“Thank you so much for your timely, professional advice and excellent service.” Nick Dunn, Portsmouth


Probate Testimonial
Probate Testimonial

Hi Peter,

Sorry, but it’s hard to think of a negative in our particular case. I realise this doesn’t help you much. I would say that in all my experience with solicitors (and I am good friends with my solicitor who I have retained over many years, we have had a good few court cases and although the relationship is a professional one I would like to think we are friends) the one thing that irritates me most is the ignoring of e mails and phone calls and the slowness of getting back to me and keeping me in the picture.
This doesn’t apply to you. It was refreshing to be able to get hold of you every time I called, and when I asked you something it was attended to straight away. Something I am not used to. It may be that all your clients don’t feel this way, but in my case I was completely satisfied with the service, the sympathetic attitude during a fraught time, and the bill was reasonable too.
You ask how you can better serve your customers needs – well, again in my case, my feedback would be to keep on doing what you are doing, because from a clients point of view, I can’t see you doing much wrong.
All the best,
Lance B


“Hi Steve, I would just like to thank you and your firm for the professional and sympathetic way you have handled my fathers probate. (Mind you, I haven’t seen your bill yet!) You have always been accessible, unlike a lot of solicitors, and have guided us through a very difficult time. I am very grateful.

All the best,

Lance. Lance Blades London (I’m sure he won’t be shocked by the bill!) ”

what to do when someone dies


Another testimonial, which came out of the blue:

Probate Testimonial
Probate Testimonial

“Kings Drive, Eastbourne

Dear Amanda/ Stephen, Please find enclosed a cheque. I’d like to thank Peter and everyone involved in my probate affairs.  I’m grateful for you making this experience a very speedy, stressless time, and at a reasonable rate. I will be sure to pass on your details to any future clients and spread the word of what a fantastic service you provide. Many, many thanks again. MCS”

Not exactly a probate testimonial, but interesting. We asked for general feedback on our services – we’re always trying to improve. Here is what Chris said:

“Hello Steve, Received your email requesting feedback. I am not sure that I can help too much in view of not really knowing what your Company’s ‘vision’ is. Let me put my own case before you, from which you may glean some ideas. I had a brother who died intestate and for ‘my sins’ took on the role of becoming his Administrator. The first realisation was the sort of cost one could expect from so called ‘Professionals’. Barclays Bank recommended an Independent Company who allegedly claimed they would do all the ‘work’ and for which they wanted a fee approaching some £10,000. Their claim about doing ‘all the work’ did not include going through my brother’s house and sifting piles of records/ letters/ accounts/ documents/ files etc to ascertain exactly where his Estate was. Thus I decided in the end to embark upon this myself. The process is relatively straightforward but as you will know very time consuming and tedious-involving much correspondence with Institutions/Banks/Utility people/next of Kin/Beneficiaries/etc etc – all of whom wish to proceed at THEIR pace rather than mine. You will recall I even approached you for the explanation to one or two ‘legal meanings’ for which I was very appreciative. One of the areas of contention is the continuing reminder that if one takes on this work and gets it wrong-your own neck could be in the noose. However as I pointed out to the Pro Company above when I finally decided to decline their services was that for £10, 000 one could purchase an awful lot of legal expertise if ever it came to it. I know there are various booklets on the market that claim to take one through the process –step by step. Quite frankly I did not find them very informative. Another area you and your Company may care to consider. As I said at the beginning I am not a ‘legal’ person having been a professional business man all my life. At present I am slowly working my way through the process of the Administration-having now been granted ‘Letters of Administration by the Court’ and I fully realise there is still much to do-legal notices in the London Gazette /local papers etc, selling property, etc and no doubt several run – ins with the Tax man are yet to come. Whilst I do understand and appreciate much can be saved by doing a great deal of mundane ‘legwork’ oneself, I have to remember that I am not familiar with all the various due processes that have to be gone through –one or two or indeed several could be missed (thus my comment about putting one’s neck in the noose) and not through any deliberate approach on my own behalf- more one of ignorance that they exist. I trust the above helps. Please do not hesitate to come back to me if you wish.

Best regards. Chris.  

Our reply: Brilliant Chris – our probate firm is designed to bridge exactly those sort of gaps and produce bills which tend to vary from £250 to £1,500 in general. We don’t work on percentages, as the clients are punished for helping, which always seems a bad idea!! We often do get sent a bundle of papers to sort through – or a suitcase – and we’re perfectly happy with that or just to help out as needed. We’re clearly along the right lines, we just need to get the message out there!

Probate Testimonials